I have, for several years, had the ambition to build a small game. I tried many many moons ago using open source 3D engines and the like whilst I was at University. I have to admit at the time I didn't get very far with this ambition as I kept hitting walls in my knowledge which I wasn't equipped to deal with.

Fast forward to today and I find myself once again sitting thinking about building a game, equipped with far better knowledge of software development and architecture I think I'm in a far better place to make something that works. Putting aside 3D graphics for now I've decided to build my own version of a browser based game I played in the early 2000's called Lil Savages it was a game written in PHP by a developer I knew back then and it was very fun. I am making my own clone of this game based on what I remember and what I can think of myself.

Tech stack wise I'm currently looking into using .Net Core 3.0, Blazor and Akka.Net for the system. I'm a great believer in the Actor System model of development - having overseen its implementation at my former place of employment. I want to get more hands on with the framework myself and I figure building a virtual world, and modelling its inhabitants will fit pretty well within the Actor System model.